Youchen Zhou Headshot



Growing up in Singapore and currently residing in New York City, the difference in social and cultural aspects has enhanced my creative perspective.

Personal stories impact the most due to their intimate nature and have been a source of inspiration in my personal projects.

(⇢ Home?gives an in-depth on first-year college students and being homesick. (⇢ Return to Normalcy) showcases New York City residents coping with lockdown restrictions during the pandemic by visiting public parks, and catching a glimpse of fresh air. (⇢ Uglyreveals the hidden background characters in our everyday society that helped build Singapore’s socioeconomic cityscape.

I gravitate towards a collaborative environment where we can exchange and communicate ideas in my professional journey. The constant craving for inspiration through movies, books, and other individuals pushes me toward learning and improving my skills and knowledge in the graphic design industry.